To DROP or Not to DROP a Class
Take note on this critical point.



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You SHOULD drop a class if....
you aren't doing very well. Read on.

Every College runs it's own game on DROPPING a Class. So be sure to actually learn the rules on this serious aspect of college life, or this could likely be the door marked EXIT.

One of the first things to do is to find out and make a note of the drop/add dates.

If you aren't doing well in a class, up until a certain time, you can still drop it and not get a failing grade. (Sometimes you can even get a partial refund.) But, fool around and not drop a class in time, and you really may be sorry.

Classes that are particularly hard for you to pass can be handled differently. For example, you can get a tutor the next time you take it, or you can audit the class first, and then take it for real.

Some students audit or take their most difficult classes over the summer when they can focus on them exclusively. If audited, classes can be taken for credit later on.

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