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Okay, this is serious stuff, because being in LUV can make or break your college experience. (And, we aren't kidding!)

So, first, we can't emphasize enough:...

Stay focused on your priorities! And, put having a relationship about sixth down on your list.

The first semester isn't the end of the world; it's the beginning. And, you're not required to be the latest, greatest lover in the known universe. But, you ARE required to survive to the sophomore year, you know.

These first few weeks at college are actually more important than your libido. Dragging along an old flame could work out great and save time. But, finding a new love of your life, or filling out numerous applications for dating websites, could divert you to the MAX!! (You mean college actually has classes?)

AND--everything changes the day you arrive. So, old flame or new, not having much time together is totally normal.

And, hey, if your grades suck the first semester, you might as well hang it up...that's how important it is to do well.

(And, don't say we didn't warn you ahead of time that too much dating can ruin your grades!)

However...we know you'll date anyway...grin. So, for lots of dating ideas that won't break your pocketbook, check the book, How to Survive as a College Freshman.

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